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Timeless tailoring perfection from
an Italian master of the craft

Always wanted to have the suit of your dreams?

Now you can.

The talent of master tailor Giovanni Gagliano, former top New York custom tailor to the business elite, is now available to you at an affordable price.

Located in Lake Worth, Florida, Giovanni will meet with you on his premises, or travel to you within a 75-mile radius for measuring and fitting.

He has been tailoring for 65 years, beginning when he was nine years old in Catania, Sicily.

After training in Sicily , he spent a year and a half in the Italian Army before moving to Rome and enrolling in a patter n making school. Six months later he returned to Catania and opened his own tailor shop.

In 1961, age 27, he decided to try America and came to New York City, where he worked in various tailoring establishments, including the bespoke dept. at Brooks Brothers. He also had his own business on Madison Avenue, operating as Vijay-Giovanni Design, catering to Midtown business executives.

The Process

Giovanni has developed his own special measuring system to ensure a perfect fit. After selecting your cloth, or bringing your own, he will discuss the style you require. Then , he will take 20 measurements. This will require a 45-minute appointment. Once the measurements are done, Giovanni will create a pattern for your garment. After this is done, he will begin the cutting process. When this is done, he will begin building your suit, jacket or trousers.

Initially, two fittings will be required. Once you are a customer, however, and you are happy with your garment, you will require only one fitting for future orders, thanks to Giovanni's unique pattern system.

From start to finish, the process will usually take four weeks.

In addition to cutting you a perfect suit, formal dinner suit, jacket, blazer or trousers, Giovanni can also completely re-cut any custom clothing you already have. He can also take in and let out custom clothing.

Call, also, for alterations to your existing wardrobe.

Later, he worked with the renowned tailor Roland Meledandri at 56th and Park, opposite the Drake Hotel. And it was his genius as a pattern maker and fitter that brought him into contact with the movers and shakers of the day.

Among his earliest clients was famed designer Oscar de la Renta. Giovanni says: " I made suits for him and he said ' you have got such talent, the touch, the vision….."

Time-Warner tycoon, Steve Ross, well known as an elegant dandy, would place an order for 40 suits at a time. And when he was undergoing treatment for cancer and the medicine caused him to put on weight, he called Giovanni from his home on Long Island, told him of his problem and asked that he make him 10 suits and two blazers to fit his expanding waistline. Thanks to his special measurement charts, Giovanni was abl e to add the required inches to the new suits and Ross sent his helicopter to bring him and the suits to Southampton for the fitting.

The Pricing

Choose your own fabulous material from our books of fine English and Italian fabrics.

Bench made tuxedo: starting at $2,900.
Bench made two piece suit:
starting at $2,400.
Bench made double breasted suit:
starting at $2,500.
Bench made three piece suit:
starting at $2,700.
Bench made sport jacket:
starting at $2,000.
Bench made blazer/ single breasted:
starting at $2,000.
Bench made blazer/ double breasted:
starting at $2,200
Bench made trousers:
starting at $400.

Re cutting and alterations : price depends on item and requirements. Price quoted at time.

"They fit perfectly," says Giovanni. Ross was delighted and told him : " Giovanni, you saved my life. Thank you."

Another tycoon client was Saul Steinberg, who also ordered suits 40 at a time and up to 50 pairs of trousers.

Jonathan Tisch came to him for a cutaway suit for a wedding.

Actor Peter Falk and Palm Beach restaurateur Norbert Goldner, of Café L'Europe, were also clients.

Giovanni does completely hand made suits, dinner suits, sport jackets, blazers and trousers for a special clientele.

"What I make is timeless," he says.

Please call Giovanni in person at 646 339 9983 for an appointment
in either your office, home, or our work rooms.

Giovanni Gagliano Creazioni Di Alta Moda
11 North "J" Street, Lake Worth, FL 33460 ( between Lake and Lucerne ).


P.T. of Manalapan writes: "After a recent hospital stay, I lost 16 pounds and found that none of my jackets and suits fitted. Rather than get a whole new wardrobe, I took them to Giovanni and he downsized them for me in such a masterful way that I now have my old favorites, but look like a new man. "

A. G. M. of Palm Beach writes: "After months of attending galas and dinners in town, I found my custom made tuxedos tight. I took all three to Giovanni and he let them out with such skill that it was not evident , and the extra pounds seemed to "disappear". When I return next season, I shall take them back to Giovanni and he will reverse the process: take them in. "

From New York, Dr. W.J. L. writes :"Giovanni made my suits, jackets and blazers for me when he was in New York. I was sad he decided to move to Florida. I need not have been, for his move has actually saved me a few dollars. He is still making my clothes, but because he has less overhead than when he operated in NYC, he has reduced his prices. A win win for both of us. As Giovanni has a unique pattern system, I can even call him and tell him if I have added to my waistline. The results, shipped to me in NYC, are always perfect."

Dominic of Florida, writes: " I stumbled across Giovanni's tailoring shop by accident. But, after I stepped inside I knew immediately it was the real thing. This was no flashy front for so called " hand made". One look told the story.
" I am in the entertainment business and I invested in a bench made suit. Best money I ever spent. And I like to think it brought me knew fans. Thanks, Giovanni."

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